Leminar and Hattersley host seminar in Qatar

On the 20th of November 2012, Leminar Air conditioning and Hattersley Newman Henderson jointly conducted a seminar titled,”Application of Valves in Variable flow Cooling System”. The event was well attended by over 400 representatives from leading MEP contracting, Consulting and Project Management teams. The seminar was focused on the selection and application of valves, and in particular differential pressure control valves, that enhance the efficiency of cooling systems. The seminar highlighted the problems that most designers face in the selection of 2 port control valves and the associated loss of cooling efficiency due to the loss of valve authority. The seminar also added the advantages of incorporating Differential Pressure Control valves to minimize the loss of valve authority and increase cooling efficiency and the information provided was greatly appreciated by the attendees.

Earlier in the event Navin Valrani- CEO, Leminar Group presented the strengths of the joint venture between Leminar Air Conditioning Company and Dyarco International and was followed by a brief introduction of Hattersley by David Pye,Vice President of Sales-Hattersley.

The seminar was then driven by the insights and expertise of Graham Pink on the scheduled topic.