Driving towards

a cleaner & greener future

Leminar’s Commitment Towards Conserving the Future with Sustainable Manufacturing
Bringing Hope for our Planet, Society and Community!

Clima Uno's Facility at Dubai Investment Park

CO2 Reduction

270,000 Kgs

Plant Size

420.75 kWp

Energy Savings


Our Sustainable Goals


As a distinguished manufacturer of air-handling and fan coil units in the HVAC industry, Clima Uno stands at the forefront of Dubai’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and resilient future. Aligned with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Shams Solar Policy and Dubai Municipality requirements, our investment in a 420.75 kWp solar plant at our manufacturing facility significantly decreases our carbon footprint by a whopping 275,000 kilograms and results in an exceptional 90% reduction in energy consumption! The transformative solar project sets a new precedent in the industry, positioning us as a key contributor to the region’s eco-conscious landscape.


An active contributor towards UAE’s transformative ‘Waste to Zero’ initiative, Clima Uno champions global efforts towards waste decarbonisation, working as a dedicated participant in the voluntary coalition uniting governments, NGOs, and the private sector. At Clima Uno, our commitment to revolutionising waste management & repurposing it into valuable resources underscores our dedication to environmental sustainability and aligns seamlessly with the UAE’s visionary objectives for a cleaner, greener future while accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy!