Ayvaz holds the production experience of flexible connection, UL/FM Valves at various types and customized designs for the industry for seven decades. The reputation of our company remains high thanks to our capability of providing innovative and reliable solutions for our cooperators. We work day and night to make our partners feel close to our expertise of “flexible solutions” wherever their businesses are located. Aside from Turkey, Ayvaz has production facilities in Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, and China.


UL/FM & Civil defense approved valves for fire fighting purposes. High-quality valves like Isolation Gate valves, Check valves Alarm check valves. 

OS&Y Gate Valves

Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves

Check Valves

Butterfly Valves

Wet Alarm Valves


Gimbal & U, V Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint is a product that maintains the piping system and protects equipment by absorbing high stress magnitude on pipes.


Post Indicator

Post indicators are used with NRS, non-rising stem valves in order to open or close the water supply main to a fire protection system.


Hose Valves

Angle hose valves used to connect the fire hose and fire hose rack assembly or fire department outlet connection.


Test and Drain Valves

T&D Valves used to test & drain water flow through sprinkler systems.


Flexible Sprinkler Hoses

Flexibility of the hose provides required safety for all systems.Braided type and non-braided type with 500 mm to 2000 mm



Upright , Pendent ,Horizontal and Concealed type sprinklers with standard and quick response.

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