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Leminar Air Conditioning Co. LLC
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Pipe Supports, Vibration Isolators & HVAC Accessories


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[xa_slide title=”Pipe Hangers & Supports” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Acoustic Riser Anchors
Adjustable Clevis
Adjustable Roller Hanger
Adjustable Roller Stand


C-Type Beam
Clamp Shoe
Concrete Load Suspension Plates
Cushion Clips


Custom-made Extended
Engineered Spring
I-Beam Clamp
Insulation Protection


Offset Clamps
Pipe Covering
Pipe Roller


Pipe Saddles
Pipe Slide
Riser Clamps
Roller Chair


Roller Riser
Roller Stand
Rubber Support
Seismic Cable


Split Clamps
Sprinkler Pipe Hangers
Standard Suspension Clamps
Standard Three Bolt Suspension Clamps


Sway Strut Assembly
U-Strap Clamps
Welded Beam Attachment
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Pipe Hangers and Supports

[xa_slide title=”Vibration Isolators – Spring Based” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Cased Spring Mounts
Combination Spring Hangers
Inertia Base Frames
Open Spring Mounts


Pre-compressed Spring Hangers
Restrained Spring Mounts
Restrained Spring Mounts
Spring Hangers ‘L’ Series


Spring Hangers ‘WSH’ Series
Thrust Restraints
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Vibration Isolators – Spring Based

[xa_slide title=”Vibration Isolators – Elastomeric” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Acoustic Riser Anchors
Cylindrical Mounts
Duct Mount
Fabric Reinforced Pads


Grommets / Knockouts
Modular Pad
Multi-Layer Pads
Neoprene Floor Mount


Neoprene Hanger
Ribbed Pad
Rubber Cork Sandwich Pad
Square Cell Pad
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Vibration Isolators – Elastomeric

[xa_slide title=”Seismic Restraints” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Acoustic Riser Anchors
Restrained Spring Mounts – SMFS
Restrained Spring Mounts – SMR
Seismic Cable Brace Kits


Seismic Snubbers
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Seismic Restraints

[xa_slide title=”Expansion Joints & Flexible Connectors” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Control Units
Flanged Spherical Pipe Joints
SS Braided EPDM Hose
Threaded Pipe Joints – Versaflex

[xa_slide title=”Piping Accessories” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Automatic Air Vent – Brass
Bi-Metallic Flange
Custom Made Fittings
Dielectric Unions / Flanges


Drain Test Plug
Gauge Cocks
Manual Air Release Valve
Self Sealing Test Plugs


Siphon Tubes
SS Braided EPDM Hose
Test Nipples
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Piping Accessories

[xa_slide title=”Damper / Duct Accessories” icon=”Select Icon—“]

Aluminum Damper Quadrant Sets
Blade Kits
Blade Strap


Duct Test Plug
Instrument Test Port
Nylon Insulation Hangers


Splitter Damper Kits
Steel Damper
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Piping Accessories


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