Nefit Industrial is the industrial supplier of serial castings in whiteheart malleable iron. We can deliver our castings as cast , but also as half fabricated, machined, welded, coated, assembled or tested and packed as finished products. A second core activity is the production and trade of fittings.

Our customer base includes well known national- and international companies from the automotive, building, heating, agricultural, installation and utility industries.

With more than 70 years of experience we have developed ourselves into a leading, high-tech producer commanding a top position within the European market.

Top quality, a flexible production process and a customer orientated way of working are the basis for our company. That is why we continually invest in new technology, automation and the education and training of our employees. Nefit Industrial not only supplies high grade products but also a comprehensive service from enquiry and design through to the application of the products in the market. Our service is proactive and based on thorough knowledge of our products and processes. Our strength lies in being able to provide advice and cooperation.

Our Engineering is equipped with the most modern means for design and development, such as 3D CAD-systems as well as software for strength calculations and casting simulations. With the help of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling techniques we can produce show- and functional models very fast.

Nefit Castings and Fittings in Dubai UAE

We can also take care of the measuring and testing of products with the most modern means, such as mechanical testing, X-ray examination, CNC-Measuring machines, leak test equipment and magnetic crack examination. For this we continually invest in knowledge , technology, automation and measuring techniques. Also in the logistic field we can offer a comprehensive service, such as identification, special packaging, just in time delivery and transport.

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