AEG Power Solutions ensures continuous availability of power and the safe operation of critical applications in all environments thanks to a wide portfolio of power supply systems and services: AC and DC UPS, battery chargers, rectifier systems, service and maintenance on a 24/7 basis, as well as customized UPS systems meeting customer specifications. Since its foundation more than a century ago, AEG Power Solutions has stood for rugged reliability and world-class engineering, including 60 years’ experience in power electronics and UPS.

Our UPS Power Solutions provides tailored solutions to customers’ needs for protection against main failures and secure power to avoid any data loss and guarantee the continuity of operations. Leminar offers a clean and secure supply of power which is critical to today’s data center and IT facilities. Our UPS Power Solutions provide stand-alone or modular solutions , highly reliable, maximizing the investment and easily scalable with evolving needs.

Protect D (Single Phase)
Protect Plus S300
Protect Plus M400
Protect plus M600

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